Apps on my Phone

I am introducing the new section of my website. It is called “Apps on my Phone,” the applications that are installed on my phone. In this way, I can introduce applications that I am using and how it is helpful to me.   Apps:  EGW Writings The Ellen G. White Estate, Inc. develops EGW Writings. […]


Time to Play

I received a text message from our administrative secretary informing us to come early to the workers’ meeting and bring extra clothes intended for outdoor activities. This was a change of atmosphere; the administrators are preparing different kinds … [Read More...]


Book: Health and Wellness

Mark A. Finley together with Peter N. Landless released a book called Health and Wellness:  Secrets that will Change your Life.  This book attracts my attention because it is about health.  I am actually on a quest to be healthy and still struggling … [Read More...]